I am a conceptual artist, researcher, storyteller, and educator of Afrofuturism and Black Islam based in Baltimore, MD.

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  1. Assistant Manager of Teen Programs at the Walters Art Museum
  2. Awesome Foundation, Baltimrore trustee
  3. Intermedia + Digital Art MFA graduate
  4. Awards-nominated podcast producer

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APRIL 2019


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A short review of Philadelphia-based artist Suldano Abdiruhman's multimedia artwork Voyager 3 (Signs and Symbols Aliens Should Know and Understand) (2017) which includes an ink on canvas painting, an  accompanying booklet and iPod.

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Rethinking NASA’s 1977 Voyager 1 & 2 expeditions, Abdiruhman seeks to ask “What would the Golden Record look and sound like curated by me?”